Top 5 Surreal Places In Europe

Godafoss Waterfall, Baroardalur District, Northern Iceland
Godafoss waterfall is an unmissable draw in your visit to Iceland. It’s among the most gorgeous waterfalls in the whole European continent. This stunning waterfall can be found in river skjalfandafjot of Boroardalur area of Northern Iceland. The Icelandic title’Godafoss’ signifies’waterfall of the Gods’. This lovely 12 meters high, 30 meters wide waterfall really deserve this title.

Inspired by lava stones, the Godafoss waterfall comes with an attractive horseshoe form. Godafoss consists two chief drops and a little fall. What the most gratifying thing about Godafoss drops for a traveler is its own brilliant screen during the year. Additionally, Godafoss could be seen from either side.

Cliffs Of Moher, County Clare, Ireland
Growing 700 feet above Atlantic sea, shore of Moher is just one of those European attractions that you ought to see at least once in your life. This surreal destination situated on Burren region of County Clare in Western Ireland. These cliffs extend over 8 kilometers along the Atlantic shore. Over a thousand tourists come every year to enjoy this true miracle of nature.

The elevation of those stunning shore varies from 400 feet to 700 ft. This destination isn’t only about the imposing cliffs, from here you can enjoy the magnificent view of Atlantic sea and magnificent sunsets. Additionally, around 29 distinct species of birds reside. The colonies of beautiful Atlantic puffin is the most famous among these.

Dolomites, Northeastern Italy
Dolomites is a gorgeous mountain range situated in Northeastern Italy. This mountain set is composed of 18 peaks having an altitude over 3000 meters. This website is internationally famous for its beautiful Alpine landscape that includes panoramic valleys, lush forests, glaciers, and plains.

Aside from appreciating the jaw-droppingly amazing landscapes, you may enjoy a vast assortment of actions in Dolomites including biking, climbing, skiing, and trekking.

Faroe Islands
These islands are part of Kingdom of Denmark. So, the air in these villages is serene and silent.

This remote archipelago isn’t too popular with tourists. However, these islands possess a exceptional beauty that could enchant any traveler. With large seas, majestic mountains, magnificent waterfalls, scenic valleys and stunning Northern lights attractions are endless here.

Verdon Gorge, Southeastern France
The Verdon Gorge in southeastern France is possibly the most beautiful gorge from the whole European continent. The attractiveness and international popularity of the gorge are characterized from the turquoise coloured Verdon river flowing through it. Aside from the brilliant river, the gorge itself is a miracle. It is 15.5 mph and 700 meters deep. The seas and deep valleys make Verdon gorge a heaven for both hikers and climbers.

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