Top 5 Most Oldest Bridges in America

Top 5 Most Oldest Bridges in America

Top 5 Most Oldest Bridges in America

  • Frankford Avenue Bridge, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Frankford Avenue Bridge is the oldest stone bridge in America. The structure came to a conclusion in 1697. Frankford Avenue Bridge includes four other Distinct titles like Pennypack Creek Bridge, the Pennypack Bridge, the Holmesburg Bridge, along with also the King’s Highway Bridge. From the 1920s, the street was the Primary route from Philadelphia to Trenton and New York.

  • The Smithfield Street Bridge, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Smithfield Street Bridge is just one of the earliest bridges in the United States to utilize steel in its own trusses. It’s a truss bridge, and this is a construction of attached components forming one unit. The bridge is over Monongahela River at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The two-span bridge (360 feet each) includes a entire length of 1184 feet plus a clearance under of 42.5 ft ) It required just two years to create this bridge, i.e., from 1881 to 1883. Smithfield Street Bridge got opened March 19, 1883. This is actually the 2nd earliest steel bridge from the USA. The designer of this bridge is Gustav Lindenthal.

  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York , New York

The Brooklyn Bridge was the world’s very first steel-wire suspension bridge. It’s a hybrid suspension bridge from New York. In 1869 the building of the bridge began. It required two decades.

  • Seven Mile Bridge 1909-1912, Monroe County, Florida

The bridge joins Knight’s Key into the decreased keys area. This iconic bridge is just one of the longest bridge of America. The precise history joins two bridges . The bridge begins with a railway. The title was Florida East Coast Railway. The railroad starts to expand afterward.

The important stretch of the railroad is Seven Mile Bridge. The storm caused additional damages to the bridge. The United States Government purchased the bridge and rebuilt it. The bridge retains distance for passing ships and auto usage. Due to the damage brought on by Hurricane Donna, the demand for a new bridge arrived.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge, Washington, D.C.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge frequently called the important bridge is just one of the earliest bridge in the usa. In 1923 the bridge had been open to the general public. The bridge replaced with the elderly Aqueduct Bridge at the area.

It’s the Army corps of engineers that suggested the title in honor of a writer in the area. The south terminal of the bridge is currently in Virginia state. The bridge attracts individuals from Rosslyn to George Town. The pedestrians paths are on both sides of the bridge. Because of this, it gives security to pedestrians.

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