Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities in the World

Los Cabos, Mexico (Homicides per 100,000: 111.33)
Los Cabos town in Mexico is a stunning resort city. But followed by lots of murders in recent years, the city has enlisted itself as the very best one dangerous cities in the earth. The standing of the town as a peaceful gateway no longer exists. The drug handlers played the significant part in adorning a red mark over town.

The amount of murders is skyrocketing in town as times goes on. In accordance with the latest calculations, the homicides rate is 111.33 per each one lakh people. The beaches, bars, and also the holidaymakers aren’t safe in this city. So the tourists have provided a title for city shore as murder beach.

Caracas, Venezuela (Homicides per 100,000: 111.19)
Caracas, the second most dangerous city on earth, belongs to Venezuela. The populated city is located nearer to the coast under Avila mountain. The climate of this cultural centre is a distinctive one.

The primary foundation lying factors is that the political instability and shortage of food. The use of mobile phones in public is likely to make people in danger. The speed of pickpocketing and snatching can be happening in Caracas. The city has several No Go Areas for the outsiders. The murder date in town is 111.19 per 100,000.

Economic instability also acts as a substantial reason behind the higher murder rate. The murder rate of the city is very likely to be high because the calculation of people is not accurate. The city is notorious because of its higher crime rate in town. The military has arranged to avoid journey in night times. The town follows a dangerous method of kill and following slide.

The slum areas and the local places report more crimes in the city. Anyhow, the unofficial population participates in crimes like smuggling. Corruption and drug trade are another factor behind the violence in town. It’s suggested to never a chance of life by moving to Caracas.

Natal, Brazil (Homicides per 100,000: 102.56)
The name of the town means Christmas in Portuguesa. The attractions of the city cover wonderful beaches, historic places, and the shopping malls. The so-called city of sunlight also have some warnings and dangers. The eye-catching shores are a normal place of prosecution at town.

Tourists at the shore have reported several cases. The muggers in the city will notice the camera and valuable things with people. In some extreme cases, blackmailing at gunpoint is used for robbery. For the travelers of Natal, walking into a group with a local man is going to be a better idea.

The police officers are also harassing the people for obtaining a bribe by them. Thus the Brazilian town is shocking with the information of gang violence and corruption. The murder rate in town is 102.56 per lakh. Brazil is breaking its own record of murders. This includes the death by the hands of police officers too. The number of rapes and killing of women also increased in recent times. It’s better everybody to take the reality; Natal is no longer a better option to enjoy Brazil. The city does not meet its title.

Ciudad Victoria, Mexico (Homicides per 100,000: 83.32)
Ciudad Victoria located in the northwestern part of the Mexican state. The city is among the most dangerous cities in the world. A town reports a large number of violent episodes every day. The homicides speed of this Ciudad Victoria is 83.32. The medication killings and related actions hold a substantial role in this.

The members of numerous criminal groups are involved in shootouts and shed blood in town. The incidents of shootings have happened in the police stations too. The travelers are also asked to avoid the city for security issues. The gangs can be found to assault unique travelers into town. The boundary states of this town are exceptionally involved in smuggling and associated pursuits.

Belem, Brazil (Homicides per 100,000: 71.38)
Belem is famous because of its colonial attributes and nearness to river Amazon. The city plays a very important role as important tourist destinations of the universe.

Aside from these, the sour truth about the city is its existence among the list of most dangerous states of the planet. The reports of murder speed and many crimes work as a proof for this fact. Out of the total population, the murder rate per 100,000 is 71.38. The amount of violent incidents in town has increased in these recent years.

The tourists who arrived over there for enjoying the city had also met with theft and mugging experience. It’s always suggested to not keep valuable things on the journey to the town. The city share borders with Peru, Columbia, and Bolivia areas.

The cocaine and medication distribution also functions as a reason behind the higher violence rate of the city. It is not easy to believe that town with historic attractions is famous in the tag of violent city of the world.

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