Top 5 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

Moorea, French Polynesia
Moorea is a beautiful island in French Polynesia. It is located only 12 kilometers from Tahiti. Moorea is a superb destination for families and couples.

Inspired by the glowing blue Lagoon, Moorea island is well known for its magnificent mountain peaks, lush mountains, and sandy shores. The mountainous and scenic sections of this gorgeous island are perfect location for hiking. Luckily, it is possible to get all sorts of hiking paths in Moorea. You do not need to become an expert on it.

The watery world of Moorea isn’t only restricted to beaches and lagoons. This island also includes some waterfalls. They’re not as large but amazing enough to capture your attention.

On the side of this island, there’s a breathtakingly lovely, 3 kilometers long bay known as opunohu bay. It’s a never overlook place in Moorea Island. If it comes to water activities, you may enjoy world-class biking, jet skiing and whale watching around Moorea island.

Fiji is among the very scenic archipelagoes in South Pacific Ocean. It is made up of 332 islands. Just one-third are inhabited. This nation has a beach enthusiast wish for — magnificent lagoons, coral reefs and hands filled white sandy shores.

The organic universe of Fiji also home to stunning waterfalls. The most beautiful one of these is Tavoro waterfall.

It is a number of three stunning palaces situated within Bouma National Heritage Park at Taveuni island of Fiji. Surprisingly, each of three drops of Tavoro have natural swimming pools. World class browsing, unforgettable scuba diving, and snorkeling adventures are different items that await you in Fiji.

Bali, Indonesia
It’s also among the most beautiful Islands in the entire world. Bali is famous worldwide for background, spirituality and naturally for its panoramic landscapes.

Greenery anyplace’ has to be the first impression that comes to some traffic to the Bali.This charming island is home to lush tropical woods, legendary rice terraces, jaw-dropping volcanic mountains, amazing coral reefs, waterfalls and pristine shores.

This rich island contains many temples which change in size and contours. These temples are internationally famed due to their exceptional, centuries-old architecture. Above all the majority of men and women are extremely friendly. They always provide a warm welcome for tourists.

Situated on the Eastern shore of Africa, in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is a beautiful archipelago which is made up of 115 islands.

Seychelles is full of marine biodiversity. This island contains six marine national parks. Most of all, Seychelles can be home to absolutely undamaged coral reefs.

The attractions of Seychelles aren’t finishing there, the Seychellois national park around the island of Mahe is house to Seychelles highest summit — Morne seychellois. This park also protects coastal mangrove woods. Along with loving all those, this park also offers extensive hiking paths for your visitors.

Crete, Greece
Crete is the biggest and among the very amazing islands of Greece. The most persuasive reason to see Crete is the paradise-like beaches with crystal clear waters. To the surprise, the shore of Crete stretches over 650 milesper hour You may also find empty beaches with this stunning island.

Luckily, many clubs provide memorable mountaineering experience. Additionally, higher mountain ranges are just another wonderful attraction of the Isle, White Mountains, Ida range, and Dikti Range is famous among these.

Crete is an perfect spot for waterfall fans. There are dozens and dozens of amazing waterfalls within this islands which changes in height. The vegetation in Crete is quite rich — contains over 2000 species of plants. Over 300 species of these are found nowhere else on the planet. On the list of attractions, Crete also has woods, amazing islets, and beautiful caves.

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