Top 5 Most Beautiful Greek Islands

The scenic town built on the hills surrounding the Gialos port is the primary appeal of Symi Island. There you can see colorful houses and a number of beautiful churches. The best view of this town can receive from the ship.

Visit Panormitis monastery from the Southern part of the Island. This wonderful monastery was built back in the 15th century and dedicated to Archangel Michael. The monastery has a very peaceful surroundings and its walls are adorned with paintings from Byzantine empire (c.330-1453).

Elafonisos is a small Island located in the Southwest of famous Crete Island. This Island covers only an area of 7.7 square kilometers.

The sandy beaches with clear turquoise waters are the chief attraction of Elafonisi Island. The Simos shore located in the Southern area of the Island is the most famous one. It has very calm and clear water and striking gold colored sand. Lefki, Kologeras, Kontogoni and Sarakiniko are several other beautiful beaches at the Island.

They’re unquestionably one of the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Aside from the excellent beauty, the beaches of Lefkada provide many activities for the visitors. The Porto Katsiki shore located 26.7 miles West of Lefkada city has become the most popular beach in town. It’s a well maintained, family friendly beach that surrounded by high cliffs and lush vegetation.

More than a beach destination, the Corfu Island in The Northwest coast of Greece is famous for its rich culture, historic sites and natural beauty.

The old town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that contain two magnificent Venetian forts. This remarkable city features a maze of narrow roads. The Esplanade, one of the biggest public gathering square in Europe located in this town. You could also find a huge assortment of archaeological findings in the Corfu archaeological museum of the town.

Located in the Southwest of the mainland of Greece, the Mykonos Island is famed for its beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque villages, lively nightlife, natural attractions and the number of actions.

Windmills are among the most Well-known attractions of Mykonos Island. From 16 windmills of Mykonos 7 are situated in the mountains of Chora town. They’re truly an amazing sight to see and to photograph. They look magnificent at Sunsets than daytime.

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