Top 5 Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday

Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday So many things with food, how do we even know what to eat? Top 5 Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday healthy foods, most of which are surprisingly tasty the variety available, and it’s best to eat many different types of Healthy Foods to Eat every day. Here Top 5 Healthy Foods to Eat every day are Below.

Healthy Foods to Eat Everyday

1. Omega-3 fats

Healthy Foods to Eat every day Now with a slightly nutty taste that goes well in almost any dish Ground Flax seeds are one of the best ways to get omega-3 fats from a plant-based source. Now I’ve gotten into the habit of getting it every single morning either in my oatmeal, smoothie, or breakfast parfait. If you do not like flax seeds, other sources of Omega-3 fats are chia seeds, Hemp seeds, and walnuts. And can be used in the exact same way.

Here are Healthy Foods to Eat every day a tip: buy your flax seeds in bulk to save some money and then grind what you need for the next couple weeks using a coffee grinder. Store the ground seeds in the fridge and the whole seeds in the freezer until you’re ready to grind some more. Of course to save time you can buy ground flax seeds. The key here is to make sure that the flax seeds are actually ground that way your body can easily access, and absorb those omega-3 fats.

2. Probiotics

A healthy gut is a Gateway to good health and with 75% or more of our immune system in that gut of ours. We best be treating it well. Now my daily dose of probiotics most often comes from an unsweetened soy yogurt blended into my smoothies or enjoyed with my homemade granola and some fresh fruit, Of course, the other plant-based yogurt will work too If I have never had the yogurt. I’ll have some homemade sauerkraut with my lunch for dinner.

This delicious fermented cabbage maybe a salty and crunchy accompaniment to any dish. Much like pickles! I make a batch every couple of months which I can then store in the fridge for up to three months. Other sources of healthy Probiotics are refreshing Kombucha one among my favorite bubbly summertime drinks also like Kimchi and Tempa. So any source of Probiotics at least once a day we’ll be showing that gut of yours some much-needed love.

3. Dark leafy greens

You had to have known I was going to mention this one because nothing quite tops the list like dark leafy greens when it comes to vitamins and minerals. Plus, it adds some extra fiber, and it’s a very beautiful way of adding some color to your meals. Now my go-to is usually organic Baby spinach. But I like to switch it up every once in a while, adding some dandelions, or Arugula Collard, and Kale.

Anything really that’s dark and green goes to figure just great. Now breakfast, lunch, dinner There is no discrimination here. Blend your spinach into a smoothie in the morning. Add it to your wraps or sandwiches for lunch or enjoy it as a salad on the side of dinner. Now if you’re new greens in your smoothies, you’ll do this spread and banana smoothie. I guarantee it’s getting to become one among your favorites, and you cannot even taste the greens Perfect for any picky toddlers or adults out there.

4. Calcium

I’ve really come to learn the importance of keeping our bones strong especially after I worked as a dietitian in an osteoporosis CenterI mean It’s the food choices that we make in our early years that’s going to affect our health later on So don’t hesitate when it comes to making healthy choices today.

Plant milk like almond, soy, or rice milk can be great sources of calcium But make sure the label says that calcium has been added I’ve written a short and uncomplicated article on how much calcium you need and how to read the labels. Now if you’re new greens in your smoothies, you’ll do this spread and banana smoothie. I guarantee it’s getting to become one among your favorites, and you cannot even taste the greens Perfect for any picky toddlers or adults out there.

5. Antioxidants

Berries are the headband of summer but frozen berries or dried Goji berries?

Now those can be enjoyed all year round. Best of all berries offer ridiculously healthy antioxidants That help to combat disease. You don’t need me to tell you how to enjoy these. In smoothies, in breakfast parfaits, on oatmeal, It’s easy to include in lunchboxes as a snack, or add to salads as little built-in packages of salad dressing that release their juicy goodness when bitten into Goji Berries can be added to homemade cookies or granola bars or on top of smoothies where berries weren’t added to give it an extra Antioxidant boost. Don’t have berries? Really any fruit has antioxidants.

Try some oranges, mangoes, or kiwis, Munch, on these throughout the day for a happy Belly and healthy body and so there you have it! Five categories of food I make sure to include in my diet every single day and so can you! And you might have noticed as well that all of those ingredients are things that you can enjoy first thing in the morning.

So you can kind of get your day started knowing that you packed it full of nutrients already How about you? Are there any foods you can’t go a day without?

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