There are different types of exercises based on your body type

Many of us dream of being in shape, this is why we exercise. But it’s easier said than done did you know that there are different types of exercises based on your body type.

different types of exercises

1. Ectomorph body:

You might have one friend in your circle who eats their heart out but is unable to gain weight. They have narrow hips, thin shoulders, arms, and legs. These are people who have an ectomorph body in case this fits you might feel discouraged by the fact that you’re unable to gain weight well, that’s because your metabolism is incredibly strong for a better understanding of your body.

We’re going to point out some things about you see if this matches you feel hungry within 3 to 4 hours after having a meal your digestive system is incredibly strong. When you don’t eat as much you feel slightly weak and your hunger increases, you’re almost always thirsty additionally, you have a strong immune system. Although if you haven’t been eating well you may have issues with digestion. If most of what we’ve said is true, then this is your body type, unlike others, you aren’t looking to lose weight you want to gain weight but it’s hard for you because of your strong metabolism. This is why nutritionists would suggest that you break down the regular three to four meals a day into four to six meals a day why because your metabolism is going to break the food down quicker than far as exercises go you can try doing the heavyweight training.

Start with at least eight to ten pushups every day this will help you build strength in your shoulders and arms. Then move on to weight lifting just make sure that your sets aren’t too long you can’t afford too much caloric expenditure, more importantly, take two to three-minute breaks after every set don’t overdo. The sets start with two or three a day and for a maximum of six to eight if you end up with muscle spasms or soreness in one part of the body avoid training that part of the day. The idea that you get fit and not injure yourself one of your advantages is that you need a minimum amount of cardio just a 30-minute brisk walk or a bicycle ride Should be enough for you.

2. Endomorph body:

You are the opposite of an ectomorph your hips are rounder and your body stores fat. If you have this body type you may be looking forward to losing weight you’ve been shamed a lot because of your body shape. This is why it’s important for you to love yourself first don’t fret and ponder over what others have to say irrespective of your shape work hard to stay healthy and get rid of the fat. That can cause health issues usually, endomorph body types are at a greater risk of Diabetes additionally because of the extra fat.

You’re also at a higher risk for cardiovascular diseases you need to focus on burning the fat in your body. This is what you wish to stay in mind while exercising to assist you build your body strength you exercise the routine ought to include pushups and sit-ups this can conjointly assist you to burn a lot of fat after that you need to follow up with a few sessions of weight lifting although we would ask you to stay away from heavy weight lifting in the beginning while you do want to burn fat.

You want to make sure that you don’t damage your muscles and tissues start with five to six sets of weightlifting training a day, then aim for eight to twelve keep the set small in the beginning after your body becomes used to the weight, try working with more moving on you need to make sure that your cardio includes a good amount of running, cycling, swimming, and walking.  You can try either one or all of them at least two to three times a week we would suggest not to do more than that oh and make sure you give your body enough time to rest now you might be wondering. We don’t fall into either of these two body types in that case.

3. Mesomorphic body:

There’s always that one person. Who found the bodybuilding rather easily they could do simple workouts and quickly achieve their dream body, they also have a good metabolism but aren’t really that slim. If you know someone like that they have a mesomorphic body people with this body the type has a good proportion between their muscles and tissues as such, they fall somewhere between the ectomorph and endomorph they have broad shoulders strong limbs and heavier bone structure.

We know they seem almost perfect and we — find it annoying, so if they’re almost perfect do they need to exercise and have a healthy diet. Well first they aren’t really perfect second they need to exercise as well as stay on a healthy diet although the priorities for them would be different from the previous two types unlike ectomorphs, they don’t need to build more muscles and contrary to endomorphs they don’t need to burn fat they need to be on a healthy diet of three to four meals a day, more importantly, they should refrain from both heavy sugar intake and too many calories their focus needs to be on keeping themselves in shape gaining or losing Something is not as hard as maintaining as far as exercise is concerned they need to do moderate-heavy weight training.

They can divide their sessions into three to five sets apart from push-ups squats and lunges are also very beneficial they can try cardio exercise three times a week for at least fifteen to thirty minutes one problem would be that they need more rest than ectomorphs and endomorphs, they’re intense workouts can train them apart from that they can add other strength and stamina building exercises the only thing that would be common on all body types would be drinking water a dehydrated body isn’t healthy and therefore not fit for bodybuilding. Make sure that you’re drinking at least three liters of water on a regular basis.

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