The 10 Best Countries To Live and Work In ASIA

Best Countries Living in Asia is a great thing even for Westerners; the cost of living in Asia is not that high as compared to the Western Countries. Moreover, some of the countries in Asia are peaceful and safe for people to live in, with a low crime rate and a high index of human safety.

The 10 Best Countries To Live and Work In ASIA

Here are The Ten Best Countries to Live in Asia:

10. Indonesia

Indonesia, a country of around 270 million people in
Southeast Asia, is abundant in natural beauty, soaring volcanoes, spectacular
rice terraces, and some of the best diving in the world. Whether you fancy
climbing volcanoes, trekking through jungles or diving at coral reefs, there’s
no shortage of places to visit. This country is one of the fastest-growing
countries in South-East Asia. Due to its economy and industry, Indonesia is
additionally home to a rapidly growing expatriate community and has many things
to supply newcomers. Low cost of living and a good quality of life makes
Indonesia one of the best countries to live in Asia, but not a retirement

9. India

India is one of the top destinations for working in Asia because of its booming economy and emphasis on technology, science, and research. Attributable to its well knowledgeable, English-speaking employees, India has become a crucial center of data technology services, business outsourcing services, and software workers. India is also one of the cheapest countries in the world to live in. Even the cost of studying in the best of the educational institutes in India is very low as compared to other countries. The majority of cities in India offer expatriates a really good standard of living for a comparatively low cost, and therefore the majority of ex-pats live quite affluent lifestyles. India is true now one of the simplest countries around the world to take a position in.

8. Vietnam

Vietnam has become increasingly popular as an ex-pat
destination in recent years, and it’s now recognized as a secure place for
foreigners to measure and work. Expats are attracted by the gorgeous weather, lively
culture and therefore the steady improvements in Vietnam’s infrastructure.
Vietnam features a comparatively low cost of living, and expatriates can live a
really comfortable life here with a moderate expenditure. In the big cities,
you can find jobs in teaching English, IT, business, finance, engineering,
construction, and agriculture.

7. The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most important
English-speaking nations. With over 7,000 islands, the geography ranges from
beaches and tropical rainforests to volcanoes and mountains. The Philippines is
among the top countries to retire in the world. You could comfortably live on
$700 to $1200 a month, covering housing, utilities, food, healthcare, and
taxes. And the best and safest way to find a place to stay during your ex-pat
life in the Philippines is through recommendations from friends and colleagues.

6. Thailand

Thailand has undertaken rapid development in recent decades, spurred partly by its tourism industry. Like other Asian countries, the cost of living in Thailand is very low; you can live comfortably for about $1,000 a month. Moreover, it has an excellent health care system. Living in the Thai countryside doesn’t offer many attractions, but those who like peace and quiet will find it very appealing. Thailand generally has a tropical climate, no cold winters here, perfect for people who like swimming and sunshine.

5. Malaysia

Malaysia is a multicultural country with Islam as a dominant
religion. This country attracted visitors and immigrants over the years for its
uniqueness and economic stability. Employment opportunities are plenty, and the
cost of living in Malaysia is quite low. Expats here are generally proud of the
affordability of life within the country and find it easy to settle in. It’s
also the most popular retirement haven in Southeast Asia, with many natural
treasures for people to explore during their stay.

4. South Korea

Living in South Korea offers an exciting life in a very advanced country. It’s a place of both natural beauty and modernity. South Korea is renowned together of the world’s leading producer of technical goods like mobile phones, televisions, and computers. It earned relatively high scores in its solid education and IT infrastructure. This country offers ex-pats a good standard of living at a reasonable price level. And you can explore the country’s temperate climate, sweeping hills and mountains, and vast coastal plains, along with 12 UNESCO Heritage Sites. South Korea is also a safe country to live; ex-pats are in no real danger proving they exercise common sense. In major cities, security is monitored within the majority of public areas.

3. China

China is one of the most dynamic, vibrant countries in the world, a multicultural country, and many ethnic groups live in different areas of the country. It is one of the most fascinating and affordable places for working in Asia, with an age-old civilization and super-modern urban sprawl. Food is diverse and delicious and doesn’t cost much. You can teach English across the country or find jobs in the bustling business hubs of Shanghai and Hong Kong. And you’re sure to find friendly and welcoming Colleagues. There are many tourist destinations in China, including the famous Great Wall of China, Terracotta Army, classic Chinese countryside.

2. Japan

Japan has the most volcanoes than any other country in the world. All the buildings have safety procedures for any kind of earthquake. Houses are built with lumber to protect people from any kind of damage. This country has a higher education level, high tech industry, and lots of business opportunities. There are many English teaching programs and work abroad opportunities in Japan. A higher employment rate makes it one of the best countries to live in the world. Furthermore, the crime rate is very low here. Kids walk to school by themselves by grade one of the elementary school.

1. Singapore

Singapore is one of the best countries in the world for ex-pat families: clean streets, clean air, public transport system, and safety in the city-state. Over 60% of respondents said the schooling system in Singapore is better than in their home country. Singapore is also the best place for business in Asia. Around three-quarters of ex-pats said that they enjoyed job satisfaction here. People living in Singapore earn an average of $160,000 per year. However, the value of living is often quite high within the country.

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