I know you have got Dreams For 2020 – a psychological feature journey

Listen to your Heart: I know you have got Dreams For 2020 – a psychological feature journey. I don’t care what other people say what society dictates us to do why should I listen to society, which is led by so-called world leaders, who only care about politics economic growth, and fattening up their own pockets.

psychological feature journey

Trust your self: My own leader is within, behind my ribs and pumps my blood through my body. I am a revolutionary because I listen to my heart I don’t want anyone to pat on my back. I don’t want to please anyone besides myself I follow myself. And therefore I follow my heart. It will tell you wherever to travel and what to try to to. You just have to trust it being productive for a company, or doing a job I hate just to get bread on the table isn’t my idea of happiness.

But I want to be happy I want to live the life I want to be proud at the end of the day. Maybe we have many lives, maybe we get reborn, who knows? But this life, exactly this life under these circumstances we will only experience once. So make the best of it. Follow your passion follow your dream.

Live your Dreams: Follow your heart. If you strive to be happy, all day, every day. Everything else will follow. You won’t starve you won’t become homeless. You will find a way to imagine earning half you do now but with your passion, it stops becoming work and you earn free bucks. Come time you will become so good at what you do, you will soon double and triple your current salary, just because you decided to be happy. Yes, you! I know you have dreams.

Focus on your Goals: I know you have goals. And no matter how hard it gets. I want you to promise yourself. That you’ll never give up. When life is tough, just be tougher! Because you are a winner!! Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a terribly mean and nasty place, and that I do not care however robust you’re.

Keep Moving: It will beat you to your knees and keep you there for good if you let it. You, American state or no one is gonna hit as arduous as life. however, it ain’t concerning however arduous you hit. It’s concerning however arduous you’ll be able to get hit and keep moving forward. what quantity you’ll be able to take, and keep moving forward that is a way to win is done! currently, if you recognize what you are valued, then depart and acquire what you value.

But you gonna be will in to take the hits. and not inform fingers saying: You ain’t wherever you wanna be due to him, or her, or anybody!! cowards try this in this ain’t you! you are higher than that.

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