Best 3 Fitness Center Software Features

If you run a fitness center, then you must take advantage of the Fitness Center Software to manage and build your business. It helps the manager of the fitness center to have accurate data of members as well as trainers of the fitness center.

Best 3 Fitness Center Software Features

The fact is that the right fitness center software can not only save you time but also improve your customer service.

3 Fitness Center Software Features You Must Have

1. Swipe Card Technology
2. E-Commerce / Online Membership Purchasing
3. Direct Response / Email Marketing

All three of these fitness center software features not only save you and your staff time but also improve customer service AND directly work to increase your revenues.

Software Features in Detail

1. Swipe Card Technology

This is a no-brainer. A member swipes the card upon entering your fitness center or your staff person does it. It’s fast, therefore convenient for your members.

However, and this is important, your member’s purchases and visits are automatically tracked to that member’s electronic profile in your database.

Tracking your members’ visits and purchases give you a huge opportunity to both serve them better and sell them more products and services. This is where the next two must-have features come in to play.

2. E-Commerce / Online Membership Purchasing Capability

There are two aspects of e-commerce you can deploy as a fitness center owner. First, you can sell goods online via an online store. Second, you can sell memberships, gift cards, and packages online. The second option is critical, the first, being an online store is desirable.

Why not give prospective members the option to buy a membership directly online?

I’ve been a member of several gyms, and I’m always amazed at the hassle I had to go through when getting a membership. Sure there are liability matters to cover – but great fitness center software will also include e-waivers your members can electronically sign.

When someone wants to join your health club, don’t make it a required hassle to visit with a “sales rep”. Simply let them buy immediately. Of course, have sales reps available to answer questions.

Take this a step further by offering packages – classes, personal training, set number of visits, etc. The more you cater to your members, the longer you’ll retain them and attract more members.

What about an online store?

You likely sell gear, clothing, and maybe even supplements in your facility. Why not extend your store to your website?

You get traffic to your site, therefore, with minimal hassle, you can generate more sales. Your members can buy online and then pick up their items during their next visit.

You can promote your online store beyond your membership to make more sales and get more exposure to your fitness center.

In my view, having an online store selling clothing, gear, and supplements is a terrific revenue generator. After all, you have inventory already. You also have staff – often sitting around doing nothing except waiting to serve members. Let them fulfill orders.

The fact is there are fitness-oriented e-stores online making a fortune. Why not get a piece of that market?

3. Direct Response Email Marketing

This is an enormous topic, but I’ll keep it brief.

The fact is if you aren’t actively marketing and communicating with prospective and current members by email, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Once you have a membership database, and you’re able to track their visit and buying trends, you can market more services and even products to them. However, use the information you have on them and target specific services and products to them. Don’t sell female goods to men and vice versa.

A great fitness center software program with email software will be able to segment your members – which means you can do precision marketing.

Don’t forget about prospective members. Once a member visits your site, you should capture their email address.

To do this, you need them to give you their email address. You entice visitors to give you their email addresses by offering something they want. Give them free workout videos, books, reports, discounts, etc. Their contact information is worth a lot. Email marketing is a numbers game.

The larger your list, assuming your list is into fitness, then you can sell to them.

Even if those prospective members don’t become a member, you can sell them your goods off your e-store… that is if you set one up.

If you book private appointments, you can send reminder emails to those members. This cuts down on no-shows. No-shows are expensive because it’s lost valuable time.

As you can see, these 3 fitness center software features all work together to save you time, provide great customer service, and increase your revenues.

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