5 Most Wonderful Islands In Thailand

5 Most Wonderful Islands In Thailand 

The picture perfect tropical Islands are one of the chief reasons that make Thailand as a must visit location in the world. However, for a gentleman choosing finest Islands of Thailand could be overwhelming since the country has hundreds of amazing tropical Islands. However, some Islands clearly outrank others while thinking about the beauty, atmosphere and attractions. Here the list of 10 most beautiful Islands In Thailand to see.

5 Most Wonderful Islands In Thailand

  • Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is an Awesome archipelago in Krabi province that contain six beautiful Islands — Ko Phi Phi Don, Ko Phi Phi Lee, Koh Yung, Koi Mai Phai, Koh Pai and Ko Bida Nok. With spectacular beaches, stunning rock formations and world class diving spots, the Ko Phi Phi is truly among the very beautiful areas to see in your own lifetime. 

This Island is famed for its beautiful beaches and magnificent cliffs. The most wonderful website in Phi Phi Don is a 100 meters long, narrow sandbar that linking two lovely bays of the Island called tanum bay and tonsai bay.

  • Ko Samui

Found in the Gulf of Thailand, the Ko Samui is the third largest Island of Thailand. This Island is famed for its beautiful beaches, mountainous landscapes, entertainments, shopping opportunities and tasty food.

The Big Buddha temple on the Northern shore is the most famous landmark of Ko Samui. The 12 meters-tall golden Buddha statue could be seen from several miles away. There is also a little Buddha statue that constituting Maitreya or future Buddha.

  • Ko Tao

There are 20+ diving areas within this Islands. These centers provide training for the beginners. Chumphon pinnacle and Southwest pinnacle would be the most popular diving spots in Ko Tao. Through the clear waters, an wonderful underwater world of Ko Tao.

The panoramic landscape of Ko Tao provides a number excellent hiking trails for your visitors. Uphill increase to fraggle rock view in Sairee village has become the most popular among. You’ll find amazing wild flowers, creatures and large rocks on hiking. From the top point, you can enjoy breathtaking perspective of Sairee village. 

  • Ko Lipe

It’s a car-free Island and may be covered on foot since the Island is very small.

There are 3 main beaches in the Island — Pattaya Beach, Sunrise beach and Sunset Beach. All three beaches could be reached under 30 minutes from any point on the Isle. These beaches are famous for their clear, dramatic blue, shallow waters.

  • Ko Pha Ngan

The Ko Pha Ngan Island in the Gulf of Thailand is famous worldwide for its breathtaking enjoyable moon parties. It’s an all-night shore party that held on the Haad Rin beach in each complete moon. Different types of songs and dances are the most important attraction of the party.

There are just seven amazing waterfalls round the Ko Pha Ngan — Paradise, Sramanora waterfalls, Phaeng, Wangsai, Thaan sadet, Than prapaad and Thaan prawes. The phaeng waterfall located in the Southwest part of the Island is the most beautiful and greatest waterfall of this Island. The trail for this waterfall is also quite scenic.

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