5 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

WhatsApp tricks that I’ve just shared will be so useful for you all. It’s no wonder that in recent years Whatsapp became a huge part of our lives its convenient quick and easy to use Pretty much everyone has a large Whatsapp contact list and spends hours each day to catch up with their families friends or plan some events.

WhatsApp Tricks

Here some Interesting 5 WhatsApp tricks are below.

1. Multy Group Select

WhatsApp tricks that most of us haven’t yet tried. So to
know more about these tricks to send messages to many of our contacts what we
usually do is select the message and share it with our contacts. But we can
only send this up to 5 contacts at a time. In this situation, we’re in a need
to send the same message privately to many of the contacts this first trick.

Click on the three dots in WhatsApp we can see an option
“New Broadcast” select that option then add those contacts that you
wish to send the message to here you can add up to 256 contacts and this one
gets created like a “Group”. So when you send the message through
this the selected contacts receive the message as a private one. This one is
really helpful when you need to send the same message privately to multiple
contacts in WhatsApp.

2. Pin

In WhatsApp, we have an option to pin the contact but most people don’t know how to use it. We receive important messages in WhatsApp but when too many messages come sometimes we might miss the message from our important contact. To avoid this we can pin that particular contact in WhatsApp. To do it select the important contact that you wish to pin then select from the top side the “pin” option So even if, too many messages come the Pinned contact will be shown at the top. We can pin up to 3 contacts in WhatsApp.

3. Bookmark messages

In this third trick, most of you might have tried this already. Select the required message in WhatsApp then select the “star” option on the top side. This is usually helpful when you’ve lengthy messages in WhatsApp. To read this starred message simply go to the Whatsapp home screen and click three dots then select starred messages from it so this is how you can bookmark messages in WhatsApp.

4. Hiding Screen

For messaging we all use WhatsApp. But most of the time someone might be around us all the time (while Chatting). For Instance, let’s say we’re on a bus. And while we’re busy typing messages, and there might be someone looking straight to our chat screen like this. So how to avoid this kind of situation let me share with you in this fourth trick. For this, we can do two things the first one is not to message at all when someone is around OR fix a screen guard for the Chat Screen (Very Nice) Now I’ll share how you can add a screen guard for your chat screen in this tutorial.

For this, we need to install a third-party app and I’ve included the app’s Installation procedures are really easy and simple. After installing open the app. And  “Touch To Activate Screen Guard” option. Click it and then we need to grant permission for this app. And you can see Screen Guard is already Activated, now launch WhatsApp and you can adjust the screen size and transparency. And with confidence now you can Chat with no worries even if the public is around.

5. Stylish Fonts

How to add these kinds of stylish fonts in WhatsApp. For this, we need to install an app. After installing launch the app and you can see in the topside an option named “S” Select it and then grant permissions for this app. After granting permissions open WhatsApp then type any text and now you can see an “S” bubble option and when you select it, you can see many stylish fonts there and you can choose any font as you wish. Even you can change the style of numbers. You can use this App not only for WhatsApp but also for Facebook, Messenger and so on. I hope the Apps that I’ve presented here would be so useful for all of you.

I hope the WhatsApp tricks that I’ve just shared will be so useful for you all.

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